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e1 t1 card
e1 t1 card e1 t1 card e1 t1 card

Here is detail info of 1 Port E1/T1 card: Advantage and features

Large-scale businesses need several trunk lines. For telecommunication services analog trunks might not be the right solution. So here modern VoIP products will help you. By the time considering the changing technology of the world. We should leave the old technology and adopt new technology. That’s why smart organizations use 1 Port E1/T1 card which is also known as a PRI for the general audience.

AKOM Technologies Private Limited provide the facilitates with 1/2/4 Ports E1/T1 cards. It is important to choose a device that can solve your telecommunication problem. This product can integrate with your current server. And you can easily install this in your PCIe slot.

A 1 port E1/T1 Card is a hardware interface product. It is designed in such a way that it will be installed in devices like PBX systems or routers. PRI (Primary Rate Interface) works as a bridge between the device and E1 and T1 lines. It enables the transmission of digital voice signals. This is useful for setting up VoIP systems.

1 Port E1/T1 card connects the device to the E1 and T1 lines. E1 is encoded with 64Kbps streams with 30 audio and 2 signalling channels. T1 is encoded in 64 Kbps streams with 23 audio and 1 signalling channel.The channel configuration is another aspect where the two standards differ.