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GSM/VoLTE Gateways

Experience seamless voice connectivity with our GSM/VoLTE Gateways. Elevate communication efficiency, ensuring crystal-clear calls and versatile compatibility. Empower your business communication today!


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In-depth study of GSM/VoLTE Gateway: Boost your telecommunication services

For the telecom industry by utilizing the newest technology of telecommunication services. Things have improved in this era of faster communication and faster connectivity. Volte Gateway is generally referred to as a Voice over LTE (Long-term Evolution). Our device includes 8/16/32 integrated ports and is a wireless cellular router that operates on the 4G LTE band. Unlike GSM, which is based on a traditional circuit-switched network. LTE is a packet-switched network. Our devices transform a choice made during an incoming call of one of the connected SIM cards into an IP packet.

If your business uses a phone network. You should know the functions of a wireless cellular router device. A GSM gateway is a 2G band wireless cellular router device. It is integrated with 4/8/16/32 ports that are incorporated into the device. It's best for fixed-to-mobile handovers or small businesses. It needs to connect to the GSM network. Instead of using the network to send data, a wireless cellular router device uses SIM cards. Our world's limits are getting smaller every day. AKOM Technologies provides advanced technology devices. We can now interact with it worldwide, making communication simpler than ever before.

AKOM Technologies provides the facility for the service of wireless cellular router devices. It facilitates communication between you and your clients and staff.