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8 port gsm gateway
8 port gsm gateway 8 port gsm gateway 8 port gsm gateway

8 Port GSM Gateway

To avoid complications and a non-organized wire system in business and organization. The generally clever and top-notch level company uses a VoIP gateway.8 Port GSM Gateway support the 8 channels that come with our product. A GSM gateway is a 2G band wireless cellular router device. Integrated with a 4/8 Port GSM Gateway/16/32 ports incorporated into the device.

In general, to understand our gateway device it is usually a bridge. Our product converts the GSM network (Mobile) to an IP-based network using VoIP. Instead of using the network to transfer voice. A wireless cellular router device uses SIM cards. Using the device from AKOM Technologies, you can send and receive voice calls. As well as SMS messages via the mobile phone network to many users at the same time. This device is in your business or organisation. It supports eight ongoing calls at once. both Inbound calls Outbound calls.

We offer a cutting-edge 8 Port GSM gateway device. It connects and combines the evolving needs of your communication service. By this to the top-notch level of your company and business. This device works with your existing IP Telephone system. It provides the facility with cheap, smooth, and efficient connectivity. It is the perfect choice for SMBs and SOHOs.