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Voice Logger

Elevate communication monitoring with Voice Loggers. Capture, analyze, and secure valuable voice data for improved business operations. Enhance compliance, quality control, and customer service. Empower your business with efficient and reliable voice logging solutions. Stay in control of your conversations.



Voice logger perfect solution for call recording

Interaction over the phone calls is part of daily business and industry needs. An industry must analyze and store the audio call data to use it for the growth of their business. A voice logger is generally known as a call-recording device or call recorder. It is an important product to manage and record end-to-end calls. This product also helps to train and track the skills of your employees.

A voice logger is a telephone audio recording system. It is an analogue device that is easy to use and reliable for storing and managing audio data. AKOM Technologies Private Limited offer a wide range of USB Port voice loggers. We provide this device in a 2/4/8/16 port that fits according to your needs.

How it works?

The Voice logger is an analogue device that is connected to your server or your system. You can customise the channels you want to track. You can also set up the recording parameters and store the recorded speech communication call data. This stand-alone product is used to record and store telephone line audio calls. This can be connected to your system to make the recording process easier.

Importance of this product

This helps to maintain accountability and security of business. By keeping past call records to analyse the interaction between individuals.The noteworthy feature of the Voice logger is its high-resistance input port. allowing the device to bridge the trunk line that requires monitoring. This setup ensures that the monitoring process does not interfere with the trunk line. It maintains the integrity of communications while providing a seamless call-storing experience.