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2 port voice logger
2 port voice logger 2 port voice logger 2 port voice logger

2 port Voice logger

 2 port voice logger is a telephone audio recording system. It is an analogue device that is easy to use and reliable for storing and managing audio data. AKOM Technologies Private Limited offers a wide range of USB Port voice loggers. In this device, we offer 2 ports in which you can connect two telephone lines that can work at the same time.

How does it work?

The 2 port Voice logger is an analogue device connected to your server and system. You can customise the channels you want to track. You can also set the recording parameters. You can store the recorded call data. It is a stand-alone product used to record and store telephone line audio calls. To make the recording process easier you can connect it to your telecaller system.

Importance of this product

The noteworthy feature of the 2 port Voice logger is its high-resistance input port. It allows the device to bridge the trunk line that requires monitoring. This setup ensures that the monitoring process does not interfere with the trunk line. It maintains the integrity of communications while providing a seamless call-storing experience.