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PRI Logger

Capture and analyze communication data with PRI Loggers. Enhance telephony monitoring and streamline operations. Empower your business with detailed insights, ensuring efficient and secure communication. Elevate your connectivity and stay ahead with advanced PRI Logger solutions.


pri logger

Pri Logger to Record and Store Your Audio Data

PRI logger - In today's fast-paced growing world, telecommunication is necessary to grow the business. PRI logger is one of the tools in this effective communication. A primary rate interface is a digital network communicated system. It helps to send voice and data on a digital network interface. This is a Linux-based component. It helps the communication system to ensure a smooth and secure recording system.

What is a PRI logger?

It is like the main component of the voice communication system. It is a hardware piece designed to record the conversation that happens on the primary rate interface connection. AKOM Technologies provides the PRI logger for the betterment of your service. To record and store the audio call users use this hardware tool. This audio call is either your business call or your client and staff call.

How does it work?

The PRI logger is a hardware card that is connected to your server or your system. You can customize the channels you want to track. You can also set up the recording parameters and store the recorded audio call data. This is a card-based product used to record and store primary rate interface line audio calls. This is to be installed in your system to make the recording process easier.

Importance of this product

This hardware tool helps to maintain accountability and security of business. By keeping past call records to analyze the interaction between individuals