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E1/T1 Card

Upgrade your telecommunication infrastructure with E1/T1 Cards. Optimize voice and data transmission, ensuring seamless connectivity. Empower your network with scalability and reliability. Elevate communication efficiency with advanced E1/T1 cards, designed for versatile and robust performance.


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Here is a detailed description of the E1/T1 card: Advantage and feature

To understand the system of installation of better voice and data communication. We must know about E1/T1 card facilities and functionality. This is also known as PRI cards for the general audience. It is useful for installing audio and voice communication systems. It helps to smooth the communication service in the industry.

AKOM technologies provide the facilitates of E1/T1 Card with 1/2/4 ports. It comes according to the use of your business needs to expand your business. Our product provides several ports with a PRI model. So, you don't have to buy any other expensive device.

An E1/T1 Card is a hardware interface model product. It is designed in such a way that it will be installed in devices like PBX systems or routers. PRI (Primary Rate Interface) works as a bridge between the device and E1 and T1 lines. It enables the transmission of digital voice signals. This product is useful for setting up VoIP systems.

It connects the device to the E1 and T1 lines. E1 is encoded with 64Kbps streams with 30 audio and 2 signalling channels. T1 is encoded in 64 Kbps streams with 23 audio and 1 signalling channel. The channel configuration is another aspect where the two standards differ. E1 is used in Europe, China, and the majority of Asia and has 30 B and 1 D channels. T1 is used in the USA, Canada, and Hong Kong and has 23 B channels and 1 D channel.