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4 port e1 t1 card
4 port e1 t1 card 4 port e1 t1 card 4 port e1 t1 card

4 Port E1/T1 Card: Advantage and Feature

In the telecommunication industry, the transmission of audio calls and data is important. Industries using the VoIP services need a better solution. To manage and transfer the audio calls and data by avoiding trunk lines. AKOM Technologies provides 1/2/4 Port E1/T1 cards for better management of trunk lines.

We provide a trusted VoIP solution for communication businesses. For the last 10+ years, offering a wide range of choices and expertise. We are a leading brand in telecommunication services. E1/T1 card is generally known as PRI cards. We provide PC-based PRI cards. 4 Port E1/T1 card is an asterisk-based model product that works on LINUX OS. Users can configure this product using the command line interface. This is useful for setting up VoIP systems. This product can integrate with your current server. And you can easily install this in your PCIe slot.

4 Port E1/T1 card is compatible with free PBX, VC dialler and many products. You can install it in your PBX system and your server. It connects the device to the E1 and T1 lines. E1 is encoded with 64Kbps streams with 30 audio and 2 signalling channels. T1 is encoded in 64 Kbps streams with 23 audio and 1 signalling channel. The channel configuration is another aspect where the two standards differ.