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1 port pri logger
1 port pri logger 1 port pri logger 1 port pri logger

Know about 1 Port PRI logger for a better solution

As we know telecommunication is the backbone for any industry. In the growing need for telephonic interaction, a 1 Port PRI logger is necessary. This is a hardware component that plays an important part in recording calls. To record and store audio calls over the PRI line this component is taken in use. This helps maintain the recording workflow system smooth and secure.

What is a 1 port PRI logger?

It is like the main component of the voice communication system. It is a hardware piece designed to record the voice call on the primary rate interface line. AKOM Technologies Private Limited provide the 1 Port PRI logger for managing audio data. To record and store the voice call users use this hardware tool. This call is either your business call or your client and staff call.

How PRI logger function

To understand this hardware interface component, it is important to know about the Primary Rate Interface. It is a standard interface for digital communication. To transfer audio calls and data between a user and a network, users use this system. It is used in the ISDN system to allow the transmission of audio and data over the digital line.

Line or services from ISDN line split through a splitter and can connect to your internal server. You should add that Primary Rate Interface logger to your internal (office) server. Using this product, you can manage the recording and storing of voice calls of 30 concurrent call channels.