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16 port voice logger
16 port voice logger 16 port voice logger 16 port voice logger 16 port voice logger

16 Port Voice Logger

The industry records and stores caller data for telecommunications via a call-recording device. A voice logger is a type of recording equipment used for managing and storing calls. These products benefit many businesses, industries, and services. AKOM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a 16 Port voice logger. It is possible to record communications from many channels using multiple port loggers. Calls from other channels can be managed and recorded with its assistance.

How does it work?

The 16 Port Voice logger is an analogue product that is connected to your server and system. You can customise the channels you want to track. You can also set the parameters. You can store the recorded call data. It is a stand-alone appliance used to record and store telephone line audio calls.

This product fits in all types of business and industry existing ecosystems. Whether it is PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or VoIP networks. A smooth implementation process without disrupting ongoing operations.

16 Port voice logger is a telephone audio logging system. It is an analogue device that is easy to use and reliable for storing and managing audio data. We offer a wide range of USB recording devices. In this product, we offer 8 ports in which you can connect two telephone lines that can work at the same time.