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2 port fxs gateway
2 port fxs gateway 2 port fxs gateway 2 port fxs gateway

2 Port FXS Gateway

Not only effective communication services are important. For simple wire systems and trunk lines, 2 Port FXS Gateway play a major role in a telecommunication service. Whether it is inside the company or in internal business. In this 21st century, growing businesses share voice communication across many areas. Many companies provide telecom services. But, AKOM Technologies has set itself apart in the market. It does this by providing trusted services for over 10 years. We are providing cutting-edge technology devices. They connect business and organization and offer unparalleled development.

The FXS product is the best VoIP solution for your industry. It avoids tangled wires and provides power (voltage) to the telephone lines. We provide the product with 2 Port FXS Gateway/4/8/16/32/48 ports. It is integrated into the device. It works according to the user's convenience.

We provide the 2 Port Gateway interface-linked device. It lets you connect one or more lines of a standard IP PBX to a VoIP phone system or provider using our product. You may also use it to link analogue phones to a phone system. This lets you use your old analogue phones again. You will need a device to connect the FXS ports to the Internet or a VoIP system. The FXS ports are often connected to the phone line.