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8 port fxo gateway
8 port fxo gateway 8 port fxo gateway 8 port fxo gateway 8 port fxo gateway

8 Port FXO Gateway

Standards have improved in this era of faster communication and faster connectivity. For the telecom industry utilizing the newest technology of telecommunication services is helpful.Our device 8 Port FXO Gateway is a foreign exchange office interface that is a phone signalling interface.Our product can support eight analogue-to-IP transmission ports. It works as a converter that converts an analogue signal to an IP signal. It connects to the central office. It handles call switching and foreign exchange line termination. Our device is a phone connection that can receive POTS service or an analogue line. It has loop closure indications for both on and off-hooks. Our device links a VoIP network to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It also enables users to make and receive phone calls from their VoIP phones via the Internet.

If you're looking to buy an FXO gateway. AKOM Technologies should be taken into consideration for sure. We are among the top suppliers of VoIP gateways in India, with a wide range of choices available. We provide 2/4/8 Port FXO Gateway, depending on your needs of multiple port.

8 Port FXO Gateway is the perfect choice for SMBs and SOHOs. Because of its tiny size, elegant enclosure, and great performance. It was created to maximize cost savings and save space. Our single device works on several wireless networks.