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fxo asterisk card
fxo asterisk card fxo asterisk card

FXO Asterisk card: Advantage and Featurs

For the telecom industry by utilizing the newest technology of telecommunication services. Things have improved in this era of faster communication and faster connectivity. Companies and organizations use an FXO Gateway to receive many calls. The calls come on different telephone dial-pad lines. In industry handling the telecommunication services, technology plays an important role.AKOM Technologies provides the FXO asterisk card with 4 ports so you can connect 4 telephone lines to that line port. When attached to the system it works as a gateway.

It helps business to avoid complications. a non-organized wire system in business and organization. The clever and top-notch level company uses a product card VoIP communication. It links servers and your phone lines with IP telephony networks. The FXO Asterisk card is a technology that is important for VoIP systems. This product is a PCIe-based card. The foreign exchange office interface is a phone signalling interface. It connects to the server and handles call switching.

Asterisk is an open-source PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software. In general audience, it is the backbone of VoIP systems. FXO Asterisk card integrates with Asterisk PBX. They offer a cheap and efficient solution for businesses. Businesses that want to install or upgrade their telecommunication systems.