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fxs asterisk module
fxs asterisk module

FXS Asterisk module solution for your communication

In the current telecommunications system, people are considering VoIP for voice calls. It is beneficial for businesses and industries to have free long-distance calling. FXS Asterisk Module is a product that helps in your telecommunication service. The real advantage of VoIP is it lets you make voice calls over the internet. Instead of the standard landline or mobile network, users use LANs (local area networks).

AKOM Technologies provides the FXS Asterisk Module with 4 ports. We can provide FXS or FXO modules according to the industry's needs. This module can be installed in the asterisk card. To avoid the complication of telecommunication, we use a platform of asterisk. Using different modules users can build the asterisk card according to their needs.

A module is a loadable component with a specified function, such as a channel driver. Or either resource that permits connecting to external technology. The file-like FXS or FXO modules determine which type of FXS Asterisk Module is installed in the server. Users can use asterisk without any modules but it works nothing. It is useless for their system that's why we need to add the module in it. Users can customize the card according to the module of FXO and FXS.

To understand the architecture of Asterisk, it is helpful to realize that it is modular. As with Linux, this product is an enabling technology. It is very difficult to find an organization that is not using some kind of asterisk.