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2 port e1 t1 voip gateway
2 port e1 t1 voip gateway 2 port e1 t1 voip gateway 2 port e1 t1 voip gateway 2 port e1 t1 voip gateway

2 Port E1 and T1 Gateway

As the digital communication landscape undergoes constant evolution. Organizations are in search of cost-effective solutions to handle many calls at once. AKOM Technologies provides the facility and service of 2 Port E1 and T1 Gateway. By addressing trunk line challenges and amplifying voice communication capabilities.

If you are looking and searching for the best VoIP device. AKOM Technologies is a trusted company and you should give some thought to your needs. We have been one of the top VoIP gateway suppliers in India. For the last 10+ years, offering a wide range of choices and expertise. We are a leading brand in telecommunication services. We provide 1/2 Port E1 and T1 Gateway/4 PRI devices, depending on your needs. An E1/T1 gateway also known as a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) acts on an ISDN access method. By allowing audio traffic to be sent over traditional phone lines. ISDN is (Integrated Services Digital Network. Organizations, businesses and companies need a complicated trunk line. In the context of digital audio communication. The device needs to handle simultaneous calls at once.

An Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) can support many DS0 voice calls. They go between a user and the network via an E1 and T1 device. This type of device is also called a Primary Rate Interface, or PRI. 2 Port E1 and T1 Gateway help audio traffic be sent over regular phone lines.