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4 Port FXO gateway

A stable connection is necessary. Our 4 Port FXO Gateway is good for exchanging voice calls and audio data. An FXO gateway is a converter that converts an analogue signal to an IP signal. Our device incorporates a 2/4 Port FXO Gateway/8. The foreign exchange office (FXO) interface is a phone signalling interface. It connects to the central office. It handles call switching and foreign exchange line termination. FXO device of AKOM technologies is a phone connection that can receive POTS service or an analogue line. It has loop closure indications for both on and off-hooks. An FXO gateway links a VoIP network to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It also enables users to make and receive phone calls from their VoIP phones via the Internet.

It offers many codecs, such as G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G.722, G.726, and iLBC. You can also customize it for different countries. The iAG Analogue VoIP Gateways uses the industry-standard SIP protocol. They work with IPPBX, SIP servers, and top IMS/NGN platforms. The powersupply for this device is 12Volt DC/1A with a power consumption of 8 watts.

Our cutting-edge technology device helps many industries. It meets their diverse and updating connectivity needs. Our device is compatible and user-friendly. This helps them to understand the features and functions of VoIP devices. You must know about the 4 Port FXO gateway.