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8 port fxs gateway
8 port fxs gateway 8 port fxs gateway 8 port fxs gateway 8 port fxs gateway

8 Port FXS Gateway

AKOM Technologies, offer the best support for the iAG Series of telecom service. These are Analogue FXS VoIP Gateway devices. When connecting analogue phones, you need an 8 Port FXS Gateway. Our device connects these analogue phonesto its ports. It converts the lines to the VoIP provider. With features of small size, exquisite enclosure and high performance. This product works as a medium between wired devices phoneline and IP-based networks. The IAG Analogue voice-over-Internet Protocolportal is designed to save space. It also maximizes cost savings. It is ideal for SMBs and SOHOs. It is a modern tech solution for small and medium enterprises.

Our product is the best Voice over Internet Protocol solution for your industry. It avoids tangled wires and provides power (voltage) to the telephone lines. We provide the product with 2/4/8 Port FXS Gateway/16/32/48 ports. Our 8 port enables connectivity for landline phones.

We provide the interface-linked device. It lets you connect four lines of a standard PBX to a VoIP phone system or provider using an 8 Port FXS Gateway. Or, you may use it to link Analogue phones to a voice-over Internet Protocolphone system. Then, you can use your old landline phoneagain. You will need our modern tech product. It connects the FXO ports, which are often linked to the phone company, to the Internet or a VoIP system.